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We provide RICS Home Condition Surveys, Party Wall Surveying and Architectural Design in Beckenham

RICS Chartered Building Surveyors Beckenham

Murrins Surveyors provides RICS Chartered Surveying services in Beckenham and the surrounding areas. We are your go-to choice for residential surveys, party wall surveys, and architectural design.

We provide our services to homeowners and people looking to move to Beckenham. Whether you are a first-time buyer or have a substantial property portfolio, we can assist you with expert advice and guidance.

RICS Home Condition Surveys Beckenahm

Beckenham is a popular suburb of London, attracting both commuters and families alike. The area offers a good mix of leafy residential areas and convenient amenities all within a short commute from Central London.

If you live in Beckenham, or are looking to move to the area, our RICS home surveys offer invaluable insight when making a property purchase. We offer many of the most popular home survey options to prospective buyers in Beckenham, including:

All of our surveys are undertaken by RICS Chartered Surveyors with years of experience undertaking surveys in the local area.

We are based a short distance away in Bromley, and have a good understanding of the Beckenham area and local housing market. We offer quick turnaround times for home surveys, typically aiming to issue the completed survey report within 3 working days from the date of the inspection.

Building Survey (Level 3 Survey)
From £600 +VAT
Homebuyer Survey (Level 3 Survey)
From £500 +VAT
A visual inspection of the property to assess condition
Detailed advice on remedial works
Review of potential hidden defects
Traffic light condition ratings of property elements
Identification of future maintenance requirements
Review of legal matters relating to the property
Market valuation / Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

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If you are planning on making a property purchase in Beckenham, or want to carry out work to your property in the area, we can help you. Contact us today for free impartial advice and a no-obligation quote.

Beckenham Party Wall Surveying

If you live in Beckenham and are planning to undertake work covered by the Party Wall Act, or if you live next door to party wall works, our experienced party wall surveyors can help.

We have extensive experience in providing party wall surveying services to clients across London and the South East, and have been appointed to act on behalf of hundreds of property owners as their party wall surveyor.

We offer impartial expert advice on party wall matters for properties in Beckenham and the surrounding areas. Our party wall surveying services include:

To speak to a local party wall surveyor in Beckenham for free initial advice and a no-obligation quote, call 020 7112 8877 or email contact@murrins.co.uk.

What works are covered by the Party Wall Act?

Notifiable Work
How long before works start is notice required?
Excavating within 3m of an adjoining property, or 6m if using piled foundations.
1 Month
Constructing a new wall at the boundary line.
1 Month
Carrying works directly to a party wall, such as underpinning, repairs, inserting flashings or beams, removing a chimney breast, or raising a party wall.
2 Months

Party Wall Surveying FAQs

The Party Wall Act, formally known as The Party Wall etc. Act 1996, is a piece of legislation that gives owners of buildings and land the rights to carry out certain types of works subject to serving party wall notices.

The works covered by the act relate to the construction of a new wall on or at the boundary with another property, excavation works near an adjoining structure or works directly to a party wall or structure.

The Act applies to all properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK Government has produced a useful party walls explanatory booklet, which gives a detailed overview of the Act.

The Act has primary purposes:

  • To enable owners to carry out certain types of construction work whilst protecting the rights of the neighbours, and
  • To avoid or reduce disputes relating to such work.

The Act sets out a process for resolving any disputes, and this is achieved by the formation of a Party Wall Award, sometimes called a party wall agreement. The award will agree any matters in dispute and stipulate how and when the works must be carried out.

If you intend to carry out works to your property, the Party Wall act defines you as the Building Owner. A Building Owner has a statutory duty to serve written party wall notices to all affected neighbours.

You need to serve party wall notices, when you intend on carrying out works which fall under three main categories:

  • Building new walls on the boundary line with another property.
  • Excavating close to an adjoining structure.
  • Works directly to a shared party wall or structure, such as inserting steel beams or removing a chimney breast.

If you intend to carry out any of the above, you will likely need to serve party wall notices on your neighbours.

If you are in any doubt about whether your works are notifiable under the Party Wall Act, we have created a table listing all the notifiable works, and this is located further down this page.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your works are notifiable, contact our RICS Chartered Party Wall Surveyors for free advice.

If your neighbour has started work without a party wall agreement (award), you can apply to the County Court to obtain an injunction to stop the works from proceeding until the process outlined in the Act has been followed.

The courts take a dim view of owners who intentionally ignore the Party Wall Act, and if it can be shown that the Act has been ignored, and no notices were served, you are very likely to be granted the injunction. However, the first action should be to inform your neighbour that you believe their works are notifiable under the Party Wall Act and that they should serve you with notice. It may well be the case that they didn’t know about the legislation in the first place.

If you are not comfortable talking to your neighbour, you can speak to a party wall surveyor, who can send a letter to your neighbor informing them that they have not followed the process in the Act and advising them of their obligations.

It may be the case that an owner only becomes aware that they need a party wall agreement (award) after they have completed the party wall works. In this case, they may want to find out about getting a party wall agreement after the works are complete, however, under the Party Wall Act there are no provisions for this. 

The Party Wall Act cannot be applied retrospectively, and therefore once the works are complete, it is too late. 

Essentially, the Act is there to protect the interests of both owners, so if there has been no damage to your property as a result of the works then there is little reason for concern. However, if you believe damage has ocurred to your property as a result of the works, then you can engage a surveyor to carry out a report on the damage to try to identify whether it was caused by the works. This can then be used to prompt your neighbour to make good the damage, or if necessary, as evidence in court.

It is worth noting that when the Party Wall Act is followed, it is for the adjoining owner to prove that any damage to their property was caused by the works, whereas if the Act is not followed, it is on the person who carried out the work to prove that the damage was not caused by them. This is effectively a reversed burden of proof, and it can be difficult and expensive to prove that your work didn’t cause damage.

It is for the above reasons that it is always recommended that you have a schedule of condition carried out of the adjoining owner’s propery before the works start to protect both owners, and make resolving any claims of damage considerably easier. 

In most circumstances, the fees for party wall surveyors will be paid by the owner undertaking the works. This includes the fees of any surveyors appointed by their neighbours.

This is because the adjoining owner is seen as an innocent bystander who would not have to go through the party wall process were it not for their neighbour carrying out the works. Additionally, it is the owner carrying out the works that stands to benefit from them, and so they pay the party wall surveyors fees, just like the fees for other consultants such as architects, engineers, and planners.

There may be cases where an adjoining owner requests additional works are carried out, or where the works are being carried out as a result of the adjoining owner failing to undertake maintenance. In these cases, the apportionment of the party wall surveyors’ fees will be determined by the party wall agreement (Award).

The cost of a party wall surveyor depends on the complexity of the work being carried out, and how much time it will take them to deal with the matter.

Many party wall surveyors charge on an hourly rate basis, whereas others will provide fixed-fees for their services.

At Murrins, when we act on behalf of the owner carrying out the work, we always provide a fixed fee quote for party wall surveying services.

Typically, in London and the South East, you can expect to pay between £800 – £2,000 +VAT for a surveyor to act on your behalf providing a full party wall service, including schedule of condition and party wall award.

It is also important to bear in mind that you will likely be responsible for the fees of any surveyors appointed by your neighbours, as well as your own party wall surveyor’s costs.

We offer a free party wall surveyor quotation to all clients, so for an exact cost, please contact us.

Planning Applications & Building Regulations Beckenham

We provide architectural design services in Beckenham, for home extensions, loft conversions, change-of-use, and alterations. Our services include architectural design for planning applications, and building regulations applications, and we can also assist with structural calculations.

We have submitted dozens of planning applications to Bromley Council and are up-to-date on the latest planning regulations, allowing us to increase your chances of successfully gaining planning permission first time.

Our architectural design services include:

If you intend on extending or converting your property in Beckenham, do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial conversation about your plans and for a no-obligation quote. Call 020 7112 8877 or email contact@murrins.co.uk to speak to us today.

Example Architectural Drawings

an image showing a single storey extension with large bi-folding doors and a timber decked patio
a man in a shirt with a clipboard looks up towards a house
block of flats during a rics level 2 homebuyer survey
a party wall surveyor in a high vis jacket shows a women something on a clipboard in front of a house

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