Lease Plans & Title Plans Lewisham

Land Registry compliant lease plan services throughout Lewisham and the surrounding areas.

Murrins Chartered Surveyors prepare lease plans and title plans for both homeowners and businesses across the Lewisham area.

Lease plan London Murrins surveyorsOur lease plans are fully compliant with the Land Registry, and are perfect if you need to renew your lease, or update your plans for any reason.

Our process is simple, and following the measured survey we normally issue you the completed lease plans to you within 5 working days.

To talk to a surveyor about your requirements in Lewisham, please contact us.

Our lease plan service in the Lewisham area includes:

  1. Full measured survey of the property
  2. Land Registry compliant lease and title plans
  3. Issued to you normally within 5 working days
  4. Unlimited rTitle plans london Murrins Surveyorsevisions if required by the client


Our prices start from just £185 +VAT for lease plans and £120 +VAT for title plans. For a fixed quote, please contact us to get a fixed price quote for your lease and title plans.





If you have a query about a party wall matter, please contact us, or call 0207 112 88 77 to speak to a surveyor.

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Murrins Surveyors is an RICS Regulated Firm.

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