Free Party Wall Notice Templates

Below you can download party wall notices that you can easily complete and send to your neighbours.

The notices are ready to go and set up as PDF forms so that you can simply click next to the field and enter the appropriate details. If completed correctly these notices will be 100% compliant with the Party Wall Act.

These notices can be used free of charge for private individual use only, and not for commercial use.

These free party wall notice templates are offered strictly without any liability on the party of Murrins Surveyors. Should you wish to have a surveyor complete your party wall notices, please contact us.


Free Party Structure Notice Template


Guidance on how to complete your party wall notices can be found below:

How to complete your party wall notices


Important Notes:

These templates are offered strictly with no liability on Murrins Ltd. All liability for the use of these templates rest with you and as such you are responsible for ensuring that you have accurately and correctly completed and served the notices in accordance with the provisions set out in the Party Wall (etc.) Act 1996.

Whilst these party wall notices are free, you may incur fees in the event that your neighbour does not consent to the works. For more details, please contact Murrins Surveyors either on 0207 112 88 77, or by email to

These templates are strictly for private individual use and cannot be used for any commercial use.

These notices are completed with the details of our in house surveyors. We can cover London and the surrounding areas, however if you do not wish to use our surveyors, or if you do not live close to London, then you can simply cross out our surveyor’s details and enter your own. Alternatively you can use our free party wall notice generator accessible from main menu.

If you are at all unsure, it is advisable to get a surveyor to complete the notices for you. The fee for this is not particularly large and it gives you peace of mind that your notices are valid.

To get a party wall quote, or to talk to a surveyor please contact us.