Contract Administration

Adding value and keeping check to deliver on time and budget.


What we deliver on every project


As Chartered members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our team ensures a professional and expert solution to all our clients.


As a company we are committed to consistently delivering the best solution for all our clients’ needs.


We are committed to providing value not only in our fees, but also through strategic decisions throughout our projects that save our clients’ money.

Contact Administration

Adding value and keeping check to deliver on time and budget.

Ensuring that our clients’ contractors deliver their projects on time and budget, and in line with what is required of them, is pivotal to our contract administration service. We monitor each project on site to ensure that the contract is administered in accordance with how it was written. This ensures that our clients pay for what they get.

Whilst most contractors are honest and reasonable, it can very easy for them to pull the wool over the eyes of a client who is not fully savvy with construction contracts. It’s not uncommon for a contractor to start work and ask for additional costs once on site and at a time when it is harder to say no or to barter those costs. Our contract administration service keeps a close eye on what your contractor is up to, managing all variations and changes, and ensuring that the costs they are putting forward for payment have been done and completed to the standard that is required.

We ensure that you only pay for what you get.

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