Schedules of Condition

Detailed Schedule of Condition Reports, prepared by experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors. Perfect for recording a property’s condition before construction works, party wall matters, or for new incoming tenants or leases.

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Schedules of Condition for properties in London & the South East

A schedule of condition is a report outlining the condition of a property at a certain point in time. It is strongly recommended for party wall matters, before neighbouring construction works, or before incoming tenants take occupation.

The report will include a detailed photographic and written record of the property’s condition. It does not make any comments on the cause of any defects, or make recommendations for remedial actions, but instead acts as a record of facts.

Our RICS Chartered Surveyors have undertaken hundreds of schedules of condition across London and the South East and meticulously record the condition both in writing and photographic form.

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The Schedule of Condition Report

Example of a schedule of condition report

The schedule of condition report itself will include a summary at the start, and the schedule will be in the form of a table, similar to the below. Photographs from the inspection can either be provided to the owner of the property, or held on file by us and called upon as required at a later date.

Element Description Condition
Walls Plastered and decoration in white emulsion paint with a timber skirting.

Centrally at the top of the wall, there is a hairline crack approx. 300mm in length running perpendular to the ceiling junction. The crack varies in width from between hairline to 1mm.

Starting in the bottom RH corner of the window, there is a hairline crack running diagonally downwards and to the right, stopping at the top of the timber skirting.

Doors Single timber leaf door with timber frame and architraves, decorated in white gloss paint.

The door itself is in good condition with no visible signs of defects to the timber or decorative finish.

The foot of the door touches the top of the carpet and scuffs it as it opens, leaving a curved mark on the carpet.

Windows Double glazed uPVC casement window.

There is a crack to the top RH pane that runs across the top RH corner. There is also condensation within the double glazing on all panels indicating that the seals have failed.

Window opens and closes with ease and without catching

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Why get a Schedule of Condition?

A schedule of condition protects against false claims of damage, whilst simultaneously protecting the property owner in the event that their property is damaged. Some benefits of a schedule of condition include:

  • Protection against claims of damage – If you are carrying out construction work, a schedule of condition is the best way to protect against unscrupulous claims of damage being made by a neighbouring property owner for which you could end up paying £1,000s, even if it wasn’t your fault. A schedule of condition protects you against this.
  • Protection of your own property –  If the owner of a neighbouring property is carrying out work, a schedule of condition of your own property will make it far easier to prove that they have caused damage.
  • Party Wall Matters –  If your neighbour is carrying out work under the Party Wall Act, then it is important to have a schedule of condition of your property done before the works start. This is because the types of works covered in the Party Wall Act are those which are most likely to cause damage to neighbouring properties.
  • Incoming tenants, lessees, or occupiers – If you have incoming occupiers in your property, then is is essential to have a record of the property’s condition undertaken before they take occupation. This protects you from claims that any damage they cause pre-existed their occupation of the property, and makes it far easier to recoup money for any damages caused.
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