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We offer homebuyer surveys in Bromley (also known as RICS Level 2 Surveys) which include a detailed inspection of the property by an RICS Chartered Building Surveyor and a report on the condition of a home. The homebuyer report is in an easy-to-read format and uses a traffic light system to highlight the key issues.

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Objectives of the RICS Homebuyer Survey

1. Help you make informed decisions when purchasing a property or planning for repairs or maintenance.
2. Provide detailed advice on the condition of the property.
3. Optionally, include an assessment of the market value of the property.

Why get a RICS Homebuyer Survey for your property purchase in Bromley?

All our RICS Homebuyer Surveys are carried out by experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors with years of experience in inspecting and reporting on the condition of properties in Bromley and the surrounding areas.

3-5 Day Turn-Around

We typically issue our RICS Homebuyer Surveys within 3-5 working days from the date of the inspection so that you aren't left waiting.

RICS Homebuyer Survey Bromley (Level 2 Survey)

When buying a property in Bromley, a RICS Homebuyer survey gives you valuable insight into the property’s condition and helps you make an informed decision. The RICS Homebuyer Survey includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the property.
  • A detailed report of the condition using a traffic light system to categorise defects.
  • (Optionally) An independent market valuation of the property.

RICS Home Surveys Compared

There are different types of surveys provided, offering differing levels of detail. The two that we offer are RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Reports, and RICS Level 3 Building Surveys

A RICS Homebuyer Survey (Level 2 Survey) provides an assessment of the condition of a property using a traffic light system to categorise the condition of the various elements in the property.

A RICS Homebuyer Survey is most appropriate for relatively new houses, that are of typical construction and are in good condition.

rics homebuyer survey greenwich report front cover
Front cover of a RICS Level 2 Home Survey Report.
Service Level 2 Homebuyer Report Level 3 Building Survey
Description of construction and condition of property.
Aims to identify problems that need urgent attention.
Aims to identify things that may need furthger investigation.
Aims to highlight anything that may be dangerous.
Aims to show any potential defects before a transaction takes place.
Makes recommendations on if further advice is required.
Enables you to budget for any repairs.
Aims to advise on any ongoing maintenance that may be required.
Aims to establish how the property was constructed, what materials are used, and how these will perform in the future,
Aims to describe visible defects and identify potential hidden defects.
Aims to outline options for repair and gives timelines for repair where appropriate / possible.
Provides specific comment on energy efficience.
Where agreed beforehand, and subject to additional fees, provides an estimate of costs for remedial works.

RICS Homebuyer Survey FAQs

Below are answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked about RICS Homebuyer Surveys.

A RICS Homebuyer Survey, sometimes referred to as a Level 2 survey, will involve a visual inspection of all visible parts of the building, including roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, and services.

The report will categorise the condition of each part using a traffic light system, marking elements as green, amber, or red, depending on the urgency of the problem.

Green means there are now current issues.

Amber means there are issues but they do not require urgent attention.

Red means there are issues requiring urgent attention.

A Homebuyer Survey can also include an independent market valuation of the property at an additional cost.

The cost a RICS Homebuyer Survey will depend on several factors, including the size and nature of the property, the condition of the property, and if any additional services such as a market valuation are to be included.

Typically, costs range from around £675- £1,200 based on the factors stated above.

We offer a fixed-fee quotation on all building surveys, and so if you would like a no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The majority of services in a building are concealed within the property’s construction. However, the surveyor will inspect those parts that are visible and highlight any obvious concerns or defects.

The Homebuyer Survey will not comment on the efficiency or safety of electrical, gas or other energy services, as such assessments can only be carried out by suitably qualified electricians and gas engineers.

In cases where further investigation into the efficiency and safety of services is required, the building survey report may make recommendations for further investigation.

The decision on whether to get a RICS Building Survey (Level 3 Survey) or a RICS Homebuyer Survey (Level 2 Survey), is usually based upon the property’s age and condition. 

A RICS Building Survey is most appropriate where:

  • The property is older than 40 years.
  • Is likely to have defects.
  • Has been adapted or converted.
  • Or is of non-traditional construction.

A RICS Homebuyer Survey (Level 3 Survey) is most appropriate for properties which:

  • Are relatively new.
  • Are in good condition and not expected to have any defects.
  • Are of traditional construction, i.e. brick walls and timber framed roofs.
  • Have not been adapted.

If you are unsure which type of RICS property survey is most appropriate for you, please contact us, and we will be happy to make a professional recommendation.

A RICS Hombuyer Survey typically takes around 2-3 hours to complete the inspection, after which the report will then be prepared.

The length of the inspection will depend on the size and complexity of the building, as well as how many issues are found.

Our Building Surveys are only carried out by fully qualified RICS surveyors who have undertaken dozens, if not hundreds, of RICS Homebuyer Surveys of properties of all kinds across London and the South East of England.

Want to know more about RICS Property Surveys?

The RICS has produced consumer guidance covering the various property survey types. The guidance is written in layman’s terms and helps give consumers an understanding of the details of each survey option.

The Inspection

The Inspection Process:

During the inspection, our surveyors meticulously examine the main building and permanent outbuildings, recording construction details and visible defects. While we aim to cover as much of the property as possible, limitations are outlined in the report when certain areas are not physically accessible.

To maintain the integrity of the building, our surveyors do not force or open up the fabric of the structure. However, we utilise equipment such as damp meters, binoculars, and torches to ensure a thorough examination. In cases where access is restricted, the surveyor may perform parts of the inspection from ground level or adjoining public property.

The Report:

Our detailed report provides an objective description of the property’s condition, highlighting defects and providing condition ratings for various elements. Condition ratings range from R (documents to request before signing contracts) to 1 (no repair currently needed). The report also includes advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Services to the Property:

While services are generally hidden within the construction, our visual inspection covers visible parts. We do not conduct specialist tests but provide a comprehensive overview of visible services. The inspection does not assess the efficiency or safety of electrical, gas, or other energy sources.

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Outside the Property:

Our surveyors inspect boundary walls, fences, permanent outbuildings, and shared areas. For properties with swimming pools and sports facilities, these are treated as permanent outbuildings.

Dangerous Materials and Environmental Issues:

We do not make specific enquiries about contamination or environmental dangers but may recommend further investigation if an issue is suspected. The surveyor assumes no harmful materials have been used in construction unless identified during the inspection.

Energy Performance:

While we do not prepare the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), we check for discrepancies between the EPC and the property, explaining implications where necessary.

Legal Advisers and Risks:

We do not act as legal advisers but may identify issues for legal advisers’ consideration. Risks related to the building, grounds, or safety are summarised in this section.

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