Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Building Surveys in London & the South East

Murrins provide Building Surveys, RICS HomeBuyer Reports, and RICS Condition Reports for both residential and commerical properties in London, Kent, and parts of Surrey, Essex, and East Sussex.

All of our surveys are carried out by fully-qualified RICS Chartered Surveyors.

If you require a condition survey of property then please call us on 0207 112 88 77, or visit our Get a Quote page. 

What does a survey include?

The range of condition surveys available when you are purchasing a property cover 3 levels of detail:

Level 1: RICS Condition Report

This report focuses purely on the condition of the property by rating the different parts of the building and identifying any areas that need attention. It is a matter-of-fact assessment of the condition and does not provide any advice on remedial works or any costings.

This type of report does not go into specific detail but simply states the condition seen during the inspection.

A Level 1 survey is recommended when you are buying a new build, or a conventional house, flat, or bungalow that has been constructed from common building materials and which overall appears to be in good condition.

Level 2: RICS HomeBuyer Report

The RICS HomeBuyer Report provides more detail than the condition report, and as such it costs more, but the information provided is equally more extensive, covering a greater level of detail.

The report will provide descriptions of the overall construction of the building, as well as identifying a list of defects or problems that it is considered may affect the value of the property. It also provides advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance, and any issues that need to be investigated to prevent further damage.

Level 2 surveys are recommended when more extensive information is required on conventional houses, flats, or bungalows which are constructed of common building materials and are generally in reasonable condition. Usually RICS HomeBuyer Reports are appropriate for homes built within the last 20 years, or older properties that have been maintained to a good standard.

Level 3: Building Survey

This is the most extensive survey available and provides a detailed inspection of the property’s condition, as well as giving detailed information about the structure and fabric of the building. 

A Building Survey will include a thorough inspection and report of a wider range of issues, as well as a description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws. It can also include a list of remedial works to be undertaken to rectify these issues as well as providing costings to do so.

Level 3 surveys are recommended for older or rundown properties, or buildings that are unusual, have been altered, or that are constructed from materials or construction techniques that are not standard. This type of survey is most appropriate for pre-war buildings, including Victorian, Edwardian, or older properties.

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The most in-depth condition survey available:

  • Pre-war buildings
  • Unusual or adapted buildings
  • Buildings in poor condition

A detailed report providing information on defects and problems:

  • Modern buildings (>20 yrs)
  • Well maintained properties

RICS Condition Reports

A report on the condition without additional details:

  • New build properties
  • Only states the condition

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